ASP Online Software can help your business achieve its long and short term goals by sharing real-word expertise and business insights.

We pride ourselves on innovative solutions that ensure a rapid return on investment and strategic success.

Of course we assist you with setting up and implementing any of our product range. We can help you find the best way to create and distribute surveys, assessments and courses. If you want our help to interpret results or design and build elearning courses, we can do that too.

We also work with skilled strategic partners to bring a range of expertise to your business. For example, in partnership with our Elearning content provider UpSkill People we now have a library of standard courses available for use with our embrace courses product.

Call Centre Consulting

ASP Online Software has a great deal of experience setting up and running call centre operations - having set up and run over 50 call centes across 6 continents.

We have extensive knowledge of the challenges facing the call centre industries and have excellent experience in a wide range of call centre technologies.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  1. IT and CRM technologies
  2. Voice and data cost reduction
  3. Maximising call centre efficiency - workforce management
  4. Recruitment
  5. Location Selection
  6. Design and Build

We truly have an international perspective on call centre operations whether your are looking to setup an inhouse operation or looking to outsource, move off shore or near shore we have done it all.

We guarantee we can reduce your call centre costs.

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