Embrace Surveys

Using Embrace Surveys, anyone can quickly design and distribute surveys over the web, by email or by traditional mail. The product is especially suitable for staff satisfaction and customer feedback surveys.

Some key features are:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Instant results -online in real time.
  • No limit on number of questions per survey.
  • No limit on the number of pages a survey can have.
  • Huge choice of question types available including:
    • Multiple choice - single answer questions
    • Multiple choice - multiple answer
    • Number field
    • Likert scale
    • Matrix questions
    • Point distribution
    • Prioritised lists
    • Free text
  • Automatic email distribution of surveys available. With no additional keying.
  • Design the look and feel of the survey yourself. Choose your corporate colours and logos, add links to other internet/intranet sites.
  • Add pictures to questions or question options
  • Export available to Microsoft Excel, SPSS or other system for further analysis.
  • Create surveys which include flow control or branching, enabling you to skip questions which are not relevant to a particular respondee.

We guarantee anonymous responses, which for staff satisfaction surveys enables your staff to be frank and honest in their feedback. Staff also have the added security of knowing that the service is provided by a neutral third party company.

For more detailed information including a free demo and examples of Embrace's reporting features go to our embrace microsite at http://embrace.asponlinesoftware.com - Surveys

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