Embrace Knowledge

In conjunction with our sister company Knowgain, we are delighted to now be able to offer to all of our customers Embrace Knowledge.

Embrace Knowledge is a knowledge/content management system which enables anyone in your organisation to create intelligent web sites which structure information in a logical and easily navigable way.

The benefits of which are, without needing any software, hardware or indeed IT personel you can create web sites which enable your staff and your customers access to information regarding your products and services,

It is particularly great for call centres where your staff need access to a large amount of reference information to be able to handle calls easily and where they need to be able to find information quickly and easy.

It also enables your customers to find the information they need, thereby cutting down on unnecessary calls to your call centre.

In fact, using our access control rules you can determine who reads what content. This enables you to limit staff or customers to certain pages.

Embrace Knowledge is the perfect companion to Embrace Courses, Assessments and Surveys as now you can train your agents and create a knowledge base for your agents in one integrated solution.

No Software, No Hardware, No IT department.

Key features are:

  • Add any content type, text, pictures, flash, word, excel, powerpoint.
  • All content - including attachments - fully searchable
  • Easy to use
  • Fully hosted solution. Both authors and reviewers only need browsers and internet access to make full use of the system.
  • Full access control
  • Change colours and logos
  • Be live in minutes
  • Ability to create forums
  • Ability to add Blogs

For more detailed information including a free trail and demos go to the knowgain website at http://www.knowgain.com

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