Embrace Incentives

Embrace Incentives is a fully automated online loyalty programme for travel agency staff.

Using our system, airlines are able to incentivise individual agency staff to sell and promote specific flight segments. Agents earn points for booking seats on the specific airline and flight segments. Bookings are automatically matched with FLOWN data and then points are awarded to agents. Points have a limited validity and can be exchanged for gifts, holidays, flights etc.

The key benefits of our system are:

  1. It enables your airline to incentivise individual agents within travel agencies.
  2. Full flexibility to incentivise by cabin or by booking class.
  3. Agents can self enrol themselves on the system.
  4. Automatic statement generation and log in area for agents to check their points status.
  5. Full reporting on campaign success.
  6. Our system is fully automated, so unlike other providers our system requires no re-entry of booking data into our system by the travel agent. We take automatic feeds from the airlines CRS and automatically match bookings and award points. This makes our system a great deal more user friendly than other systems and improves take up and accuracy.

We currently have over 5000 active agents worldwide using our platform.

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